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Training update - The Temple of Meg-fu
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Training update
Well, I've actually been managing to get some running in again this last month.

Fri, 1/2: 1 mi, 10:29

Thu, 1/15: 1.3 mi, 12:37

Fri, 1/16: 1 mi, ~10 (didn't time)

Sat, 1/17: 1 mi, ~10 (didn't time)

Fri, 1/23: 1 mi, 9:45

Fri, 1/30: 1 mi, 9:54

Sat, 1/31: 1 mi, ~10 (didn't time)

This is good timing, as the date for the next Muay Thai Kickboxing test has been posted. It will be on Sat, Mar 28, probably from 10:30a to around 4p. Then I'll get a week of trials, which will be a lot more fitness intensive, I think, than my JKD testing. Wish me the best as I spend the next 8 weeks getting myself prepared.

**edit** Looks like I'm not actually up for testing this time around. I'll probably have to help out again though, so I'll still be motivated to step up my training.

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