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Run times April 2009 - The Temple of Meg-fu
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Run times April 2009
4/1, Wed: 1 mi (LEKB route), 9:23

4/5, Sun: 1.8 mi (home route), 18:45

4/7, Tue: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 11:59

4/8, Wed: 1.8 mi (LEKB route), 18:55

4/9, Thu: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 13:05

4/10, Fri: 1 mi (LEKB route), 9:19

4/14, Tue: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 12:14

4/16, Thu: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 11:51

4/17, Fri: 1 mi (LEKB route), 8:17

4/19, Sun: 1 mi (home route), 9:14

4/21, Tue: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 11:05

4/24, Fri: 1 mi (LEKB route), 8:09

4/26, Sun: 1 mi (home route), 9:37

4/28, Tue: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 11:11

4/29, Wed: 1 mi (LEKB route), 8:28

So, about halfway through the month I decided I'd try to focus more on my shorter runs and bringing them in faster before trying the longer runs again. I remember back when I got good at running, that was how I progressed. I think I've been too obsessed with trying to claim the longer runs immediately. I don't think I'm getting any improvement on the longer ones, since I'm just focusing on finishing, nevermind doing any better. I think if I can save myself for a shorter run and put more into it, I can make better progress. At the very least, it appears I've just needed to put some effort into maintaining a higher pace, as it seems I've improved my times a lot just from that. I also think my "1 mi" LEKB route and home route must not be that close to the same. The LEKB route must be more like 3/4 mi or so. Even so, improving it from low/mid nine to low eight has me pretty happy. Also the drastic improvement on the Edgeworks route has me pretty happy. Now to just keep it up and push forward for improvement.