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The Temple of Meg-fu

Meg-fu is Serious Business (TM)(R)(C)(BBQ)

11 May 1978
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I've been practicing martial arts in some way, shape or form (seriously) since 1991 and I'm always interested in finding training partners in the area. Email me if you're interested.

I'm also an aspiring traceur (practicioner of parkour), so if you live in the Puget Sound area and practice, I'd like to hang out sometime ^_^ I've also launched a forum dedicated to the Parkour community in WA State. Check out the Washington Parkour forums and website, register and join the growing community!

As well, I'm a long time otaku, and was staff w/ Sakura Con from Baka 98 to Sakura 06. I took 2007 off to focus more on the growing Parkour scene. I've been all over the place in staff, but settled down comfortably as a Japanese Guest Liason during my last several years of service ^_^ Rather than giving a number of years I've been an otaku, I will simply say I've been in it long enough to have come up w/ a phrase to describe our early years as "back when we liked Ranma" XD

I also like webcomics. Like, really, really like XD So much so that I made a seperate LJ for the comics I read that have LJ feeds: megus_comics

As an avid gamer (board, card, pen and paper, video), I love playing with other people. I mostly play my DS, and if anyone would like to join me on some games:
Name: Megumegu
Planet Puzzle League: 073125 241748 (I warn you, I suck...)
Clubhouse Games: 2320 3409 5289
Picross DS: 189085 610733
Mario Kart DS: 472531 648998
Metroid Prime Hunters: 1375 4769 5793
Tetris DS: 607635 074430
Worms 2: Open Warfare: 4725 5796 4433
Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon: 4725 5875 8029
Panzer Tactics DS: 0989 0298 9544
Warhammer 40K Squad Command: 2964 7501 9016
Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin: 214872 904587
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates: 5155 2725 3639
Age of Empires: Mythologies: 3953 0950 7229