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Run times April 2009

4/1, Wed: 1 mi (LEKB route), 9:23

4/5, Sun: 1.8 mi (home route), 18:45

4/7, Tue: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 11:59

4/8, Wed: 1.8 mi (LEKB route), 18:55

4/9, Thu: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 13:05

4/10, Fri: 1 mi (LEKB route), 9:19

4/14, Tue: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 12:14

4/16, Thu: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 11:51

4/17, Fri: 1 mi (LEKB route), 8:17

4/19, Sun: 1 mi (home route), 9:14

4/21, Tue: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 11:05

4/24, Fri: 1 mi (LEKB route), 8:09

4/26, Sun: 1 mi (home route), 9:37

4/28, Tue: 1.3 mi (Edgeworks route), 11:11

4/29, Wed: 1 mi (LEKB route), 8:28

So, about halfway through the month I decided I'd try to focus more on my shorter runs and bringing them in faster before trying the longer runs again. I remember back when I got good at running, that was how I progressed. I think I've been too obsessed with trying to claim the longer runs immediately. I don't think I'm getting any improvement on the longer ones, since I'm just focusing on finishing, nevermind doing any better. I think if I can save myself for a shorter run and put more into it, I can make better progress. At the very least, it appears I've just needed to put some effort into maintaining a higher pace, as it seems I've improved my times a lot just from that. I also think my "1 mi" LEKB route and home route must not be that close to the same. The LEKB route must be more like 3/4 mi or so. Even so, improving it from low/mid nine to low eight has me pretty happy. Also the drastic improvement on the Edgeworks route has me pretty happy. Now to just keep it up and push forward for improvement.
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March run times

Well, after I got over being sick, I found quite a bit of energy and made an effort to slap pavement more often:

Sun, 3/1: 1.8 mi, 19:23

Wed, 3/18: 1.8 mi, 18:59

Thu, 3/19: 1 mi, 9:16

Fri, 3/20: 1.8 mi, 19:56

Tue, 3/24: 1.3 mi, 12

Wed, 3/25: 1 mi, 9:13

Thu, 3/26: 1.3 mi, 12:36

Fri, 3/27: 1.8 mi, 19:14

Sun, 3/29: 1.8 mi, 19:14
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Five things about your friends meme - cont'd

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from fireballof3

Martial arts: I've been intersted in martial arts for nearly as long as I remember. I'm not even really sure why it's always stuck with me. I've always felt some sort of intrinsic connection to it, at the very least. The movements, the honing of oneself, the utility, the strategic and analytical aspects... I feel like there's a lot to be gained from the training and I just find it so compelling. There are overarcing aspects that I find that appeal to me. As I said about Parkour, part of what I enjoy about all my physical activities is that understanding body mechanics is essential to all of them. What makes martial arts extra interesting in comparison to Parkour and rock climbing is that not only do you have to understand your own body, but that of other people's. I think the delving into things like strategy and reading an opponent tie into the same things I enjoy about playing board games. I'm sure the testing of reactions and perfecting skill tie into the same things I enjoy about fighting games (and many action video games in general, but none so much as those where you can compete w/ another person like a fighting game). I think a big part of it is just knowing what I've made myself capable of, and what I can continue to look forward to learning.

FOOD: I have been known as a "black hole" or "garbage disposal" in the past. What can I say, I like to eat XD I don't exactly fancy myself a deep food critic, but I like to think I can differentiate between bad food, ok food, good food and amazing food. My tastes often tend to run towards the rustic (especially when I think of home cooking and Filipino cooking), but I can appreciate a well put together dish. In the past I've prided myself on not being very picky, either, and having a relatively wide pallette, though I know there's probably a lot out there I've never considered (at least not until seeing it on Bizarre Foods or No Reservations). I'm not a big fan of paying a lot for food, even for something fancy; as I said, my tastes do often run to the rustic, so paying for fanciness is hard to convince me of.

The Answer: Oh, this one is a fun one. That came from a session of an old Wizards of the Coast trivia party game, What Were You Thinking. The object of the game isn't so much to get questions factually correct, but to match the answers of as many people playing the game as possible. At one point one of the players decided it would be funny to use "Chris" as one of the answers (I'm sure it was comedically appropriate for the question). After that, without direct communication that I could tell, more and more people started getting on the "Chris is The Answer" boat and thereafter "The Answer" became one of my nicknames, because, well... I'm apparently the answer.

Anime: I'll repeat what I put in my response to gamethyme's tag of this, but I'll go ahead and elaborate, since it was pretty short. -Really, I've just carried my love for animation through my whole life. Though I think my love of animation is just part of my love of sequential art in any form, whether it be comics (online or print) or cinema (live action or animated). Anime is just another medium to enjoy cinema in.- I've always loved cartoons ever since I was a kid. I spent a lot of time in front of the tv on Saturday mornings when I was a kid, and I was a child of the 80s, and I certainly followed all the cartoons everyone else did at the time; Transformers, GI Joe, Gobots, Thundercats, He-Man, even some She-Ra just because it was related to He-Man. I enjoyed a lot of animation that was played on Nickelodeon like Count Duckula, Danger Mouse, Spartacus, Belle and Sebastian, The Mysterious Cities of Gold and the like. I followed TMNT in the 90s. I honestly can't remember if I watched stuff like Robotech when I was a kid, but I know I picked up on it when I was a teenager, and I'm sure that led me to things like Akira and from there I just kept looking and looking until I finally found other people to enjoy it with, found the underground community, and have been with it to this day through all it's growing pains. I still love it now, though I'd like to think for slightly more refined reasons (not by much, just a bit more detailed than "cool shit from Japan" XD). Hell, for S&Gs, here's pictures of my DVD collection (yes, it's in a closet; that much easier to store) of which the majority of it is anime. If you ever want a list to peruse that you might want to borrow from, let me know ^_^

Science minded: I do like to think of myself as quite analytical, so I feel I'm science-minded in the sense that I try to look at things logically and use some scientific method to come to conclusions. Not to say that I think intensely about everything I do, one of my favorite mottos is "onetwothreego", especially when it comes to Parkour. But I try to apply my mind to problems that come my way and limit guessing as much as possible. Most of the time it's just because things have to make sense to me. I don't like just taking things at face value. Also, I think it helps me have less problem with being wrong about things, becuase to me mistakes help you get closer to the answer.
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Five things about your friends meme - cont'd

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From johnthegreat

Ninjas: Hmm, I'm not entirely certain why John tagged me with this one, but I suppose between all the activities I partake in (martial arts, rock climbing, parkour), I'm practically a ninja XD I certainly went through the ritual "ninjas are cool!" phase when I was younger. Not that I've necessarily grown past it, but I suppose my view of ninja has matured over time. While I don't think I've tired of the concept overall, I think what I'm jaded with is the over-romanticization of them that both Japan and the West are guilty of.

Heavy Metal/Bitchin' Hair: I have to put these together, because it would be a lie to say they have nothing to do with each other. I never really developed my own real music tastes until I was exposed to heavy metal, in the best way one can learn to love new music: on a pirated cassette tape from a friend. I think the first metal album I ever listened to was Holy Wars: The Punishment Due by Megadeth, with ...And Justice For All by Metallica coming in close chronological proximity. So the era of metal my tastes most align with are the mid/late 80s to early nineties. The 2 albums above still remain 2 of my all time favorites, with Metallica's Master of Puppets and Testament's Souls of Black up there as well. Pantera is another band I was exposed to that I still really enjoy. And then this ties to my hair, because of course since most metal bands had long hair, I found myself inspired to grow it out. At first I was hesitant, as I was just having trouble envisioning myself with long hair, so I decided I just *had* to grow it out to find out what it would look like. It was during this period that I actually discovered I had really nice hair. I used to be a total hair products guy, mostly influenced by a cousin who I kind of looked up to as a kid. Once I did the long hair thing, I learned how to actually comb/brush my hair and tail it up, and found that the less shit I put in it, the healthier it became. I also learned that girls love playing with long hair. Ultimately I have to thank my mom for my hair, as I think I get the wave from her.

Japan: I think my interest in Japan really came from an interest in technology when I was much younger, and all the cool tech always seemed to come from Japan. It may have also come from enrolling in Japanese language classes in high school based entirely on the fact that Japanese seemed a lot more unique than Spanish or French. I think after that, I started to explore other things, especially martial arts, since I've always had an interest in that, and that actually led me to explore eastern philosophy as well, so really my intersts in that realm really all started with taking Japanese classes. Ironically, I suppose, my interests in those realms certainly have gone beyond just Japan. My continued interest in the country now really just stems from my interest in entertainment media from the country (animation, comics, movies). I've visited the country twice and still would love to go back again.

Memes: Yeah, well... ever since some of you convinced me to get on LJ, I discovered the timewasters known as memes. Over time I've gotten away from doing the vast majority of them, being pretty pointless, but I continue to enjoy ones like this that involve deeper interaction with people you know. Which is part of why I was convinced to get on LJ in the first place; so I could have easy access to being in contact with people I don't see face to face on a regular basis any more. So I guess it's been working somewhat in that respect.
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Run times

I want to sit down for a meatier post, but for now, I'll just hit up the February run times

Fri, 2/6: 1.8 mi, 19:39

Fri, 2/13: 1.8 mi, 21:16

Fri, 2/20: 1.8 mi, 19:43

Fri, 2/27: 1.8 mi, ~19 (forgot stopwatch)

Clearly I need to pick up the pace and run more than once a week.
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Training update

Well, I've actually been managing to get some running in again this last month.

Fri, 1/2: 1 mi, 10:29

Thu, 1/15: 1.3 mi, 12:37

Fri, 1/16: 1 mi, ~10 (didn't time)

Sat, 1/17: 1 mi, ~10 (didn't time)

Fri, 1/23: 1 mi, 9:45

Fri, 1/30: 1 mi, 9:54

Sat, 1/31: 1 mi, ~10 (didn't time)

This is good timing, as the date for the next Muay Thai Kickboxing test has been posted. It will be on Sat, Mar 28, probably from 10:30a to around 4p. Then I'll get a week of trials, which will be a lot more fitness intensive, I think, than my JKD testing. Wish me the best as I spend the next 8 weeks getting myself prepared.

**edit** Looks like I'm not actually up for testing this time around. I'll probably have to help out again though, so I'll still be motivated to step up my training.