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The profound where not expected - The Temple of Meg-fu
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The profound where not expected
So, I was listening to my podcasts on the drive home, as I am prone to these days, and I put on Larry King's interview of Jim Carrey. Apparently in a movie he finished filming recently, I Love You Phillip Morris, he played a homosexual male. I don't really know any of the details of the film, but Larry King asked Jim Carrey, "Playing gay; how do you find that?" and Carrey's response was pretty simple and to the point, but I thought it was rather profound in its simplicity. Full of that very basic and direct truth. He said, "...basically all I did was love another person." That just hits the essence of it for me. Whether you're gay or straight, love is love. Gender doesn't change that. I think everyone could do well to think of it in those simple terms and people would understand each other much better. I guess the real difficulty is in the willingness to see that in our differences we're still the same.

And now I suddenly feel like posting the "OS is Love" banner I made years ago when that "*** is Love" thing was the popular meme.

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