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Five things about your friends meme - The Temple of Meg-fu
Meg-fu is Serious Business (TM)(R)(C)(BBQ)
Five things about your friends meme
Thanks to gamethyme for this one.

1) Comment here, and I'll list five things I associate with you.
2) Post this header in your own journal, and elaborate on the five things I mention.

gamethyme gave me these:

Parkour: Put simply, Parkour is about fast and efficient movement through your environment using only the human body (so no equipment outside of maybe a good set of shoes... but there is a barefoot contingent in Parkour) and motions it's capable of. Which would include running, jumping, vaulting, climbing and rolling. I got into it when it was still in its infancy in the US in about 2004. So that means I've been doing it for 5 years, but by no means does that make me some sort of expert. I think what attracts me to it the most is that I see it as an expression of exploring body mechanics, which is pretty much the same reason I love martial arts and rock climbing. To me they're all extensions of the same theory, applied in slightly different ways.

Physical Fitness: Well, this simply boils down to me wanting to be good at the physical pursuits I've chosen. As one of my Parkour friends put it, "You need strength to train new skills." I need to step my training back up, in fact. I need and want to get back to the intensity I had about 3 years ago... just need to find the right path to it.

Anime: Really, I've just carried my love for animation through my whole life. Though I think my love of animation is just part of my love of sequential art in any form, whether it be comics (online or print) or cinema (live action or animated). Anime is just another medium to enjoy cinema in.

Heroscape: I initially got interested in this game based solely on the fact that its theme is "warriors of all time". I just find that theme really fun. Also, the completely modular maps taps into my childhood love of Legos. Ultimately, what kept me with the game as well is the non-random packs. You know what you're getting and it's simple to manage how much of it you have. In fact, I like how it lends itself well to community gaming. One or two people can own all the parts and get together large groups to play. Which is really how the overall board gaming social scene tends to work anwyays.

Video Games: Well, I grew up in the 80s, so I think it was unavoidable that I'd be exposed to video games. And I'm sure that video games helped my overall interest in gaming. I think between video games and role playing, what really got me into it was the sense of adventure. And video games let you play that out in a myriad of methods, settings and contexts. I could control a party of adventures in a fantasy setting, or be a space pilot shooting down hordes of enemies against all odds, or a lone hunter seeking to destroy an ancient evil. Video games can test your mind and reflexes, separately or together, which I really like. I think having a sibling growing up helped too, as we played video games together a lot, either with "two player simultaneous action!" or the classic "switch-off" method.

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